Why the ESR Consortium?

The ESR Consortium is devoted to Standards for embedded platforms. Some of their typical application domains are markets such as industrial control, machine-to-machine, medical, e-metering, home automation, electronics, human-machine-interfaces…

About the ESR Consortium

Who can participate?

Anyone can be an active member of the ESR Consortium: companies, non-profit entities, or individuals can be integrated as guest members and can freely consult any ESR documentation or provide the consortium with valuable feedbacks or suggestions.


How does it work?

The ESR Consortium is a non profit entity based on democratic rules: each member can be fully involved in the definition of standards for the embedded platforms. It is based on a community of companies, non profit organizations, engineers, and experts.

Rules and processes

What makes a Software Specification be standard?

Learn more about the criteria that make a specification be a legal standard.

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