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Why the ESR consortium?

The ESR consortium is devoted to Standards for embedded Java. Especially cost effective Standards.

Typical applications domains are industrial control, machine-to-machine, medical, e-metering, home automation, consumer, human-to-machine-interface, ...

More about the ESR Consortium and its related markets

More about what is the criteria that makes a Software Specification "Standard"

Everybody may participate.

Everybody may be an ESR Consortium active member: companies, non-profit entities as well as individuals.

Registration is free for Guest members. A guest member may freely consult any public ESR, has access to the forum, may provide the consortium with valuable feedbacks, ...

Members who whish to be more active (be able to vote for ESR creation and adoption) may become either Silver, Gold or Platinium members.

Become a member : Guest(free), Silver, Gold, Platiniun.

How runs the ESR consortium?

ESR Consortium is a non profit entity based on democratic rules where every member can be involved in standard definition.

Where some consortium are the reflect of one Company, ESR Consortium is a community of Profit and non profit entity, as well as Engineers, experts who works together with the unique purpose of adapting Java in embedded systems and makes other industrials use this solution for embedded softwares

More about the ESR internal rules

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